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Backyard Landscape Melbourne

Vicpro Concrete is Backyard Landscape Design Company which consists of a group of gardeners who always enjoy passion outdoors, landscaping and gardening. Our team of backyard Landscape Melbourne has over twenty years of experience and qualifications in the design industry.


Vicpro Concrete prides itself on excellent outdoors, landscaping and gardening services. Collaboration and constant interaction with the clients is done throughout the service. Our backyard landscape Melbourne team has experience and expertise in working within the customer’s budget to implement landscape designs that meet the clients’ needs and requirements. Our backyard landscape Melbourne takes an advisory approach and works with the clients to develop landscape ideas that suit their tastes, lifestyles, patterns and functional needs. With the help of small landscape architects, our backyard landscape Melbourne team can handle every detail, from concept and design to management, construction, layout and aftercare. Our backyard landscape Melbourne team performs residential and commercial work primarily in the North West suburbs of Melbourne.

We provide high quality & cost effective services

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  • Skilled workers
  • High quality concreting services
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Why Choose Us?

  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne are specialists in the construction of custom gardens.
  • We love designing and customising Backyard Landscapes.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne has a passion for small detailing in Backyard Landscape Design and high quality finishes.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne treat each Backyard Landscape Design project as our own home
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne takes care of your investment and finishes project just like you want.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne constantly strive to provide first class Backyard Landscape Design and customer service.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne uses high-quality materials to ensure your outdoor backyard landscape stands the test of time.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne communicates constantly to keep you informed and updated.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne communicate the details of Backyard Landscape Design in advance so there are no unpleasant disasters.
  • The organisation, safety and cleanliness of your backyard landscape design works are important to us.
  • Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne pride ourselves on our professionalism.
Union 8 Quality Concrete Finishes For Your Home Or Workplace

Outdoor Open Air Room

This cosy yet spacious seating area has plenty of privacy thanks to privacy fencing and some well-placed perennial grasses that also help absorb noise. The sturdy practical table and benches provide a casual dining space, and the seating area with couch is a perfect place for an afternoon nap or evening gathering. This concrete path allows plenty of room for walking or placing a chair to linger over the nearby vista. Planting perennials that bloom from spring through autumn makes this walkway a welcoming destination through three seasons.

For homeowners who like to entertain, having more than one outdoor area for socialising can be a great way to maximise space. This design emphasises seating areas over garden beds or plantings, with multiple levels and wide concrete stairs tying them all together. The sleek design of all three areas is minimal yet comfortable, with Adirondack chairs around the firepit area and comfortable seating on the lower patio, and a slightly more formal dining area on the upper level.


Tropical Plants for Soulful Impact

The tropical plantings add colour and drama to this southern home, with a flowering vine trained into a tree form, and large-leafed tropicals planted closely together for visual impact and a block of vibrant colour.


Lush Patio Surroundings

This backyard is full of lush garden spots, from the full perennial beds and trees to the vine-covered screened porch and the enormous planters. This small seating area has European charm with its metal furniture and ornate stone planters with hydrangeas blooming, and plenty of privacy from nearby shrubs.

Our team of Backyard Landscape Melbourne gives you an idea of our garden designs, each of our designs are carefully considered, completely creative and in tune with the surrounding environment.

  • Initial landscaping consultationThe Backyard Landscape Melbourne journey begins with an on-site consultation to discuss your file and assess the existing conditions. This will allow us to present a landscape design proposal at the end of the landscape consultation.
  • Concept developmentOur team of backyard landscape Melbourne will present you with the planting options, material choices and surroundings image in detail.
  • Backyard Landscape Project documentationOnce the landscape design is complete, it can be converted into working drawings for construction. Document heights, site levels, construction specifications, and plans for planting, lighting, and irrigation.

The best Backyard Landscape Design Company is Vicpro Concrete who takes time, patience, and the professional care of qualified landscapers to ensure that the gardens are used to their full potential. Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne will give you the best offer for the backyard landscape design service.

Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne pay close attention to scale and proportion during the concept stage. The beauty of a landscape is determined by various elements. To maximise the beauty of the landscape, we keep all landscape elements at an appropriate level and keep them in relation to each other.

During the tour, our team of backyard landscape Melbourne studies the topography of the soil and learn about the soil types to get an idea of ​​what nutrients it needs and how the water is drained. Our team of backyard landscape Melbourne also identifies microclimates. Therefore, it helps us to decide which plants to use, where to install landscape details and what type of maintenance the landscape would need.