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Concrete Footpath Melbourne

Vicpro Concrete team of concrete footpath Melbourne is a comprehensive footpath solution for all your concrete paving, concrete masonry and other services. Vicpro Concrete Footpath Builders in Melbourne put together a concrete path at your entrance with the utmost professionalism.


Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne have many years of experience in installing concrete footpath. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne is the first choice for customers looking for concrete footpath structures in Melbourne. In addition to domestic concrete, Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne also provide industrial concrete and road concrete services.

Concrete foundations for brick fencing are a challenging task that requires the highest level of commitment and skill. Concrete footpath are durable from the inside and beautiful from the outside. The concrete footpath process must be carried out with the right tools, technology and application.


Our skilled team of concrete footpath Melbourne have been installing various types of concrete footpath for years without a problem. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne have access to state-of-the-art equipment and apply the best techniques to achieve our goal. Our experienced team of concrete footpath Melbourne follow a step-by-step process and get the Concrete Footpath job done on time with precision and perfection. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne makes sure to deliver a concrete driveway or footer that you will enjoy forever.

Footpath Concrete Experts

Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne provide services in Doveton, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Hallam, Hampton Park, Lynbrook of Melbourne, Victoria.

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Why Choose Us?

It is quite a challenging task to find the right service provider amongst so many who claim to be the best. To make your job a smidge easier, have a look at the features that make us stand out.

  • Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne has a wide range of driveway crossover services under one roof. From coloured concrete driveways, installation and maintenance. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne take care of everything.
  • Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne have experienced concrete footpath builders. They have received formal training for installation and maintenance of driveway crossover services.
  • Knowledge or skills are not enough. Therefore, our team of concrete footpath Melbourne believes in using the latest modern tools and solutions.
  • At the end of the project, you will be extremely satisfied with the result provided by our team of concrete footpath Melbourne.
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Steps To Build A Concrete Footpath

Overbuild the forms : Every builder has a fear about the shapes, swelling or even collapsing under the force of wet concrete. That’s why our team of concrete footpath Melbourne at Vicpro Concrete take strong forms. Use 1 1/2-inch boards (2×4, 2×6, etc.) for only curves. Or else use a 2×4 or 2×6, the distance between the pools is no more than 3 feet. When underground characters are scattered, they can land in them. If they exceed more than 6 centimetres above the ground to reduce the distance between the runners, increase every other dimension and diameter of the “soccer ball”.

Form curves with hardboard : Hardboard is intended for external walls, but it is also an excellent material for painting curves because it is flexible and inexpensive. The board costs is very nominal at the hardware store and you can cut it to any width you want. Since rigid slab is so flexible that it needs additional support to prevent it from resisting the forces of the concrete. If they are underground pieces, the players split into 3 feet and solidify the square opposite each other.

A height of 16 inches above the floor is guaranteed. To create continuous parallel sides on a curved path, create a side first. Then use the “measurement chart”. In rainy weather, the sololite can rise and take the perfect curve of the waves. So if rain is in the forecast, be prepared to cover up your resilience modules.


Keep stakes below the form tops : Formwork studs are an obstacle to pressure – and hitting concrete without an obstacle is very difficult. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne makes sure if the tops of the forms are close to the ground, we always be careful not to drag huge tables down as it is necessary to reach some land so that the road rises to the edge.

Solid base: With concrete, the foundation is a solid, well-drained surface. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne helps to build the best system which involves a firm base of compacted soil, followed by several inches of base material such as gravel. But the best map depends on the weather and soil conditions.

After this, talk to our team of concrete footpath Melbourne supervisor who is familiar with the conditions in your area. It’s always a good idea to combine compacted soil with a rental board, but if you have sandy soil, you can skip the gravel altogether.

Plunging the bubbles: Our team believes that when concrete is poured, air bubbles remain in the formwork, creating voids on vertical surfaces. This is usually important on roads or in pathways. But above ground, on stairs, sidewalks or walls, the result can be very easy. To avoid this, take a 2×4 and “sink” your way through all the modules. Then hit all the figures from the side with a hammer.


Avoid too much usage of water: The right amount of water for the plant is accurately measured. Similarly, water is added to dilute the mixture. More water will make the job easier all at once, but will result in a weaker board.

Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne said that if you are mixing the concrete yourself, do this experiment: Push the cement into the concrete post with a shovel or hoe. The groove should be straight and smooth and should hold its shape. If it is thick and thick, add a drop of water. If it subsides, add more dry cement.


Don’t delay floating: Always allow the pebbles to float in the mixture until it settles them and draws the cement “cream” to the surface so that the surface can be pressed or brushed later. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne says that if you wait too long and the cement starts to set, removing the cream will be difficult or impossible. So the floating time is just after screeding. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne has experienced helpers who can screed before completing all the carpentry work. In any case, there is no reason to delay: if water wells form on the surface after lubrication, wait until they are empty before they disappear.

For small projects, you can use wood or magnesium hand tables (both available at home centres). “Mag” floats more easily with a smaller hand on it. But for larger projects like walkways or patios, don’t mess with railings. The long handle extends your position and makes work easier, while the large head quickly covers the surface and compacts any bumps or depressions. To make the surface as flat as possible, screed from both the sides.


Cut deep control joints: Cement plasters are called “grouts” because they contain cracks. Because concrete shrinks during drying, cracks will appear somewhere. Instead of an ugly spider pattern, a straight control line breaks. Cracks also form later boundaries. In MARBLE, you share a space of 5 feet or less; on a sidewalk or highway, no more than 10 meters apart.

Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne cuts them right away in wet concrete or saw them the next day with a saw. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne make items with a “groove” in wet concrete which requires less work and less mess. Joints should be at least a quarter of the height of the concrete.


Finishing with a broom: A steel trowel is too smooth to finish smooth concrete. But they drive sharpness through concrete. The non-slip texture does not slip and hides imperfections caused by floating or troweling. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne take their first jump about 15 minutes after floating. If the thickness is too thick, our team of concrete footpath Melbourne scrapes it off and try again after 15 minutes. Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne thread the corners through the concrete in parallel, slightly overlapping lines. They always wash the brush every now and then to avoid too rough a surface.


Slow the curing process: Our team of concrete footpath Melbourne believes water is key to the chemical process that hardens concrete: the longer it soaks, the harder and stronger it becomes. One way to delay drying is to cover the concrete with 4 mil plastic sheeting. If the cement is hard enough that you can’t push it in with your fingers, stretch the plastic a bit.

Stretch to remove creases and press the edges to lock in moisture. If you see signs of drying out, lift the plastic and gently spray more water. Keep the driveway or patio moist for three days. Seven days is best for concrete footpath. The plastic may cause coloured stains on the concrete, but the stains will disappear in a month or two.

Professionals often let the materials “stay” and skip spray liquid wax for slow evaporation. While not as effective as plastics, hardeners can be easily applied with a lawn sprayer.