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Concrete Pathways Melbourne

Do you have a beautiful garden? If you do have, then in that case, you would want to have Concrete Pathways Melbourne so that visitors to your property can walk through it and get awestruck at how beautiful it is. This is where you would need the help of professionals like our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne. Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne would be able to help you create the best concrete pathways in your garden amidst the bare and wet areas.


You can prepare pathways by clearing the grasses in your garden and digging it up to a depth of 125 mm. But the pathway should be as close as possible to your house. It should also have a slight slope so that the water can drain off.

You need to attach a wooden frame to it. You need to do this with wooden studs. You need to place the pins at certain distances. These pins should be below the tree as well as outside. This is the first step to consider when building concrete walkways or pathways around your home.

Formwork is the last step in this process. This will determine the final height and shape of the trail. In these cases it may be necessary to use additional steel reinforcement mats.


Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne provides an affordable solution for all your concrete pathway projects. Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne offer competitive prices for installing concrete paths, sheds, dog runs, foundations, gardens, etc.

Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne at Vicpro Concrete provides concrete which is durable and requires very little maintenance for travel. It is 100% weed resistant. All you need to do is always trim away surface dirt and debris to keep your concrete pathways clean.

When it has been neglected for a while, because we all know that life is sometimes full of work, a new light shines on it. Concrete is also ideal for dogs because it is easy to clean and has a long life. For soles and heels, it is the preferred material for depth of power.

Cost-wise, concrete is relatively cheap on your bank account, so it’s on the lower end of the asphalt road price scale. It is cheaper than gravel, limestone, slate, stone, marble and tuff. It’s also cheaper to install than you might expect, as maintenance costs are so low and it lasts for years without the need to lift or re-seal, which ultimately reduces operating costs.

Pathways Concrete Experts

We provide Concrete Footpath services in Doveton, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Hallam, Hampton Park, Lynbrook of Melbourne, Victoria.

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Concrete Process

First, our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne looks at the existing soil on the site. Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne then decide whether drainage is needed or not, what mixture should be added and how deep to dig a solid foundation.

Next, our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne prepare the soil by digging on a mini-level. So, depending on the place of intensive use of space, we can put the difficulty under the concrete ground for concrete drive, on a stronger base.

Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne compacts this layer very well with a pressure plate, because there is no substrate to prevent future cracking of the concrete. Then our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne lay our screeds so that the wet mixture remains in the desired shape.

At this stage, Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne inserts our job into some patterns to leave room for a border or pattern (circle or diamond, etc.). These finishes and patterns can be installed with the floor stone of your choice. Popular options include limestone, sandstone, limestone, greenstone, and natural stone to name a few.

When our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne makes a concrete floor for pouring, the right mix is assured to ensure the strength of the finished work. Depending on the area where the concrete will be installed, different finishes are available.

Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne guarantees the reliability of our concrete work by sourcing the highest quality mix from the most qualified suppliers.



Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne at Vicpro Concrete offers a wide range of products to provide our customers with clean, vibrant and stable walking, running and riding surfaces. Many Vicpro Concrete flooring products fully allow for natural drainage and a positive environment.

Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne soft gravel base consists of self-compacting gravel that provides a smooth surface for pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users.

Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne also provides Agrablock which is a stabilising gravel system that provides a safe surface for car or pedestrian traffic. Gravel provides visibility, provides good drainage and requires minimal maintenance as the gravel is held together in a modular grid system. Resin-lined fireplaces and wood pits.


Types Of Pathways

Soft Path : Soft Paving gravels from 8 mm to fine powder. When the finer particles are pressed together, they grind together to form a firm but sharp surface. This surface is SUDS compatible, making it easy to filter the water. It is not “always hard” like concrete, bitmac or resin surfaces. These special framing materials can be dug, grown and planted for years after the first planting. Soft Path materials are specially graded decorative additives. They are suitable for routes where a more natural look is desired.

They are popular products for commercial or public applications that require a simple, low-maintenance arch or walkway. Many golf courses are built and widely used for parks, nature trails. They are not suitable for commercial applications.


Resin: Dry sand is used as a filler in resin systems or to create a non-slip surface. They use dry fine sand for non-slip purposes and various types of dry sand and gravel to create a decorative surface.

Colored aggregate is bonded in a transparent or coloured resin, which is applied to the existing substrate. The resin adheres to the original surface to form a new surface. This makes the flat and level gravel surface safe and suitable for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

Agrablock: Interlocking is a rare modular network system that is compatible with SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage System). This ensures the circulation and drainage of excess rain and flood water. It can be filled with gravel or hay to create a rough and stable surface suitable for vehicles or pedestrians.

Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne has Agrablock which ensures that gravel up to 20 mm thickness which is retained in the cell walls to prevent it from migrating. When planted in the grass, it provides the best growing environment and its cell structures protect the roots from heavy traffic.

Provides a safer surface for driving, walking or running. It has a payload of 360 tons pm2 and can therefore handle almost all vehicle traffic.

Faux concrete pathways are a great addition to any property. They give the owner great flexibility to completely expand the surface of their yard or garden.The pressed concrete model has many advantages over traditional materials such as bitumen and plates. Some of these benefits include longevity, attractiveness, and reduced risk.

However, our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne believes that with Concrete Pattern Print, the surface is designed to be non-slip. This in turn means a significant reduction in risk. Pressed concrete is also built to last, meaning there is no risk of wear and tear over time.

Models of concrete roads are also a feast for the eyes. They add a good level of aesthetics to any property and also increase the value of the property. Currently, Custom Pathways offers our customers a variety of colours and designs to choose from. This means that the look of your pathway can be perfectly adapted to your taste and imagination. Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne is committed to provide you with an installation that you can show off with pride.


Durability: Our team of Concrete Pathways Melbourne provides concrete which is one of the strongest and most durable materials you can use in landscaping. If installed correctly, it will last up to 30 years in good condition, even in harsh climates.

Low-maintenance: Concrete requires minimal maintenance. Rake, leaf or mow to clear in the warmer months and use a shovel or snow blower to stay safe in the winter. Before cleaning the coal by hand, if it is clogged with leaves, it can not be moved in winter without coal.

Elegant Look: Concrete pathways usually have a polished finish that enhances the look of your property. In addition, there are many design options to make your trip more beautiful. It is the perfect addition to a manicured lawn.

Suitable for accessibility: Concrete is the best choice if you or other family members are older or have mobility issues. Concrete has a non-slip surface. Even when installed correctly, there are no holes or tears. You can also build concrete paths to connect different places in the house.

This way you can connect the front and back for practical purposes, such as transporting materials from the front to the back of the house. Another useful feature are different ways to properly support your landscaping projects.