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Backyard Concrete Services Melbourne

Based in Melbourne, the Vicpro Concrete team are seasoned specialists in backyard design. We utilise high-quality materials to craft first-class backyard solutions for every client. Our backyard services include everything from concrete paving to concrete masonry and full installation.


Whether you need new pathways, a new driveway or an outdoor entertainment space, we are ready to revitalise your backyard space. Regardless of the project, our team approach every job with the same commitment to professionalism and attention to detail. This is what sets us apart from the average concrete manufacturer.

Vicpro Concrete start with by considering the design and all other elements crucial to the garden’s look, feel and function. This design process helps to establish a successful connection between your lifestyle and your home, providing a platform for careful planning and thoughtful decision-making. From the outset, team of backyard landscapers help Melbourne clients to connect the dots and offer creative direction as the design evolves.

We have worked on a wide range of residential, domestic and industrial projects, including public roads and footpaths. Vicpro also specialise in the creation of concrete foundations for brick fencing. As a material, concrete is highly durable both inside and out, making it a great solution for outdoor foundations.


Backyard Concreting in Melbourne – Design and Landscaping

We approach each design project with a focus on several key principles. First, any concrete footpath installations must be carried out with the right tools, technology and application. Second, our team of backyard landscapers pay close attention to scale and proportion during the concept stage. In order to maximise the beauty of your landscape, we keep all elements at an appropriate level where they fit together in a logical sense.

During the first on-site inspection, our team will study the topography of the soil and learn to get a detailed idea of ​​what nutrients are needed and how the water is drained. In addition, this will also cover any microclimates. This ultimately helps us to decide which plants to use, where to install landscape details, and what type of maintenance the landscape would need.

Our professionals at backyard landscape Melbourne provide service from design to construction which helps to turn your backyard into a stylish entertaining area or create an inspiring space where children can play for hours on end. From pools to patios, our team of backyard landscape Melbourne ensures your outdoor becomes the best outdoor.

Need to work with a Backyard Landscape Design Company? Vicpro Concrete have the patience and expertise to ensure that your garden reaches its full potential. Our team of backyard landscape experts also give Melbourne great deals and prices for all services outlined above.

Make your outdoor living mesmerising with Vicpro Concrete. Call 0405 557 444 for a free quote today!

Backyard Concrete Experts

The Vicpro team provide backyard concreting and concrete footpath services in Doveton, Dandenong, Endeavour Hills, Hallam, Hampton Park, and Lynbrook.

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